September 15 – Electronic music: « SchleppGeist » @ Cargo bar


9th instalment of Heart Beat presented by GI-HCMC ♣ (tiếng việt dưới đây)
✔ SchleppGeist// URSL, Katermukke [GER]
✔ Drew Tudose // Bootleg [RO]
✔ B.A.X // Feel of Life Records, Heart Beat [Việt Nam]
✔ Visuals by EROL // Heart Beat [SWE]



The Cube Bar Saigon

31B Lý Tự Trọng, Q.1, Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville
This episode will take place in The Cube Bar! Our 9th instalment is certainly one episode you don’t want to miss. Our special guest the German producer Sebastian Geist aka SchleppGeist is known as the don of minimal house and currently in such high demand, that we are very lucky to have one weekend with him in Vietnam.
With SchleppGeist behind the decks you can expect that there is only one place you want to be that night and that is surely the dance floor. It is time to get crazy and to get lost in his sound and not only his’! We have more! B.A.X will be kicking off the night with a long warm set and it will be wrapped up nicely by no one else but DJ Drew Tudose house pioneer of Vietnam.


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