April 10 – electronic music: Ntone Edjabe @ The Observatory


The Observatory is very excited to announce its first collaboration with SAN ART for this unique event, which will feature a bonanza of African sounds brought to the dance floor by one of the highest specialists in the field – NTONE EDJABE.

Ntone Edjabe is the founder and editor of the world-renowned Chimurenga magazine, and is also a fantastic DJ that specializes in African music in all of its vastly divergent inflections – from traditional percussion-focused rhythms to home-grown house.

He has co-hosted the Soul Makossa programme on Bush Radio in South Africa and is considered a definitive authority on African culture and politics. The collection he has in his bag covers multiple regions of the vast African soundscape, so you can expect this night to take you on an audio safari through past & present, urban & rural, traditional & avant-garde music from across the continent.

N’Tone Edjabe is invited to Vietnam as part of ‘Conscious Realities’, a 3 year initiative made possible by San Art and their network partnership with the Prince Claus Fund.

Support by DAN LO [Eclectic Aesthetic, The Observatory]

9PM / FREE before midnight / 100K after


Ntone Edjabe was born in Douala and he moved to Lagos where he began his studies. In 1993 he interrupted his studies to move to South Africa. He works as journalist, writer and DJ and basketball coach. He became co-founder and manager of the Pan African Market in 1997, a commercial and cultural space located in Long Street in the centre of Cape Town. In 2002 he created the Chimurenga magazine. In 2004 he is facilitator of Time of the Writer and in 2007 he participated in its 10th edition at the Centre for Creative Arts of the University KwaZulu-Natal.

Edjabe is co-founder and member of the DJ collective Fong Kong Bantu Soundsystem. In 2009 he was Massachusetts Institute of Technology Abramowitz Artist-in-Residence.

In 2011 Edjabe won the Principal Award of the Prince Claus Awards, with his Chimurenga platform.


Observatory – 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4



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