August 21 – Comedy show: Camille Sola @ Hard Rock Cafe


Camille Solari is Boston born comedian who has performed in The Arsenio Hall Show and Comedy Central. She is a multi-award winning actor, including “Best Actress” and “Best Screenplay” in 2010 New York International Film Festival for her dark comedy “Boston Girl”, best TV Pilot for her show La La Land at The New Media Film Festival – Burbank. Prior to becoming a comedian, Solari worked as executive assistant for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, modeled for Dickies Jeanand and created of a fashion/ comedy/ lifestyle blog

Camille Solari recently performed  stand up comedy on The Arsenio Hall Show, which aired on CBS to over 5,000,000 viewers. Arsenio referred to Camille’s set as “Camille Solari and her Future Child” – with Camille doing a unique set on being 7 months pregnant in the land of the shallow (Los Angeles).   The The Huffington post referred to Camille’s performance as “An inspiration to women across the country.”

Camille’s visit to Vietnam is part of her Asian tour “I think I’m not insane?”, which includes Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


General Ticket (Ticket Entrance and a draft beer): 300,000VND per ticket

Special Ticket (Ticket Entrance, a 2- course set menu and a draft beer): 750,000 per ticket


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