October 3 – Electronic Music: Nick Hoppner @ Observatory


Resident of the infamous Berghain/Panoramabar; artist, manager and something of a custodian for the associated Ostgut Ton label, and a figure whose name commands the respect earned by only a handful of actors in the electronic music world – Nick Höppner is coming to The Obs to lay down a set bred from years of experience spinning the most discerning electronic music crowds crazy.

As a figure that is considered by many to be a key actor in the development of that quintessential ‘Berlin sound’ that walks the thin line between industrial precision and woozy, free-willed abandon, Nick Höppner is a producer that possesses the added quality of being at the avant-garde of this movement, producing tracks that go on to be played throughout the city and which have shaped its character. At times rough and pounding, at others smooth, syncopated and exotic – his techno and house breeds are complex compositions that are made for the dance floor and built for endurance.

Which leads us to his sets. The years of experience gleaned from playing in the top underground clubs of the planet have honed an ability to inject his sound’s own pulse into a crowd, which he then guides in whatever direction he pleases. Hypnotic audio jungles give way to valleys of bass populated by all sorts of strange sound creatures rarely encountered.

Supported by NIC FORD (Madder Modes, The Obs)

10PM / FREE before 11PM / 150K after

5 Nguyen Tat Thanh D4


Currently residing in his home of choice and calling, Berlin, Nick Hoppner skillfully balances, explores and contributes to a dramatically wide range of musical professions, proving him to be one of the backbones of today’s house and techno underground.

Be it through his monthly residencies at the inimitable Berghain/Panoramabar, his solo releases for Ostgut Ton, his expansive DJ touring, or indeed his creative involvement and management of the Ostgut label since its inception, Nick stands out as a unique, long-serving and truly dedicated figure in today’s electronic music world.

As a producer and DJ, Höppner displays all the characteristics of a life-long music lover. Sensitive to the history, emotions, stories and situations that derive from this music, for Nick the scope and eclecticism available within the 4/4 rhythm allows him great freedom to express his tastes and musical instincts. Throughout his five solo 12 »s on Ostgut Ton, we find lush, uplifting house, deeply melodic techno dub sessions, spooky percussive workouts, and lashings of richly produced musical statements, always ably avoiding musical pigeonholes As a remixer too, Nick’s passion for storytelling comes through with great enthusiasm, as his interpretations of Asusu on Livity Sound, Dauwd on Pictures Music or Airhead on Brainmath have all shown.
To immerse one’s self within Nick’s typically extended DJ sets rewards similar multi-faceted discoveries. Always telling a tale, weaving an exciting path across his chosen musical spectrum – whether its a tough, raw and energetic house-party set, a dramatic big-room techno adventure, or anything in between – Nick’s mature, confident approach and depth of character sets him apart from his contemporaries behind the decks.
His open minded love and knowledge of music, along with a professional background working as editor for the important Groove magazine, that led to his position as manager for Berghain/Panoramabar’s in-house label, Ostgut Ton. Since the label’s birth in 2005 Nick has played a defining role in its growing success (until resigning as the label manager in late 2012), spreading the club’s musical message through the productions of its residents, and selflessly working to push the platform forward, nurturing its growth. His solo debut album Folk will be released on Ostgut Ton end of March 2015.



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